We just recently came back from a quick trip to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was kind of a spontaneous trip (well as spontaneous as we get, we planned this a month in advance :p) because we wanted to show Mara off to our friends and family. It was great to get away and also have family to help with Mara so that we could relax. Thanks fam! This was Mara's first plane trip, and she did awesome! I was so worried that the pressure would hurt her ears, but she was full of smiles and giggles. Other passengers kept commenting on what a happy baby she is. Hopefully this lasts! Westjet was also a huge help, from guidance on baby packing to their wonderful flight attendants. We decided to keep things simple with packing, so all three of us fit our stuff into one suitcase, then B and I each had a small carry-on, and of course the diaper bag. We checked Mara's stroller and car seat all the way through so we didn't have to bother with it in the airport, so my Solly wrap came in handy. Bonus: she always seems to fall asleep once she's on me in the wrap :)

Summer in the prairies means lots of heat, unfortunately this also means forest fires. Due to poor air quality from all the smoke, we had to be house-bound for a few days. Thankfully we had a few great days to go outside and play, including Canada day which we celebrated by having a potluck picnic with family and friends. We also had a chance to have a quick photo session with my best friend, Juli Labrecque, who just happens to be a kickass photographer. I'll share those later. Seriously if you live in Saskatoon or are visiting, you should check her out. She's wonderful, and she'd probably invite you to tea :)

Saskatoon has been undergoing a mini boom in recent years. Whenever we go back its always interesting to see all the new construction going on, and all the new shops etc as new people and ideas move to the city. The downtown area by the river and 20th street is undergoing lots of cool changes. From the farmers market, river landing area (great for kids) to unique boutiques and cafes. I would recommend checking out Hardpressed Studio and Anthology to name just a few.

  We had a great trip. Here are some pics from our getaway. Until next time Toon Town.